Coir connect - Supplier Franchisee Model Online Marketing Portal

  • 1.Signup the portal and create a valid username and password to login to the portal
  • 2.Login to the Portal with the user name and password
  • 3.Register with the Portal as supplier/Franchisee by paying the online Registration Fee Prescribed by Coir Board
  • 4.Coir Board has the right to Approve/Reject your Application
  • 5.Approved Suppliers can add their products with photos , available quantity, Rate per unit, specification details etc
  • 6.Franchisee can view the products of all suppliers and they can submit their orders through the Portal
  • 7.Supplier can view order requests from different franchisees.Franchisee sends an enquiry Request as first step
  • 8.Supplier can accept/reject the enquiry from the franchisee.
  • 9.While Accepting the enquiry supplier gives the expected delivery charge, Advance Amount required and estimated delivery days
  • 10.After getting the acceptance from Supplier , if the franchisee is interested, he place the order by paying the Advance Amount as online through the portal
  • 11.Once the Franchisee pays the Advance Amount, Supplier should update the status as ready to shipment when the item is ready for shipment
  • 12.when the Franchisee gets the status as Ready to shipment , Franchisee has to pay the Balance Amount
  • 13.After receiving the balance amount supplier will send the item and upload the waybill details in the portal
  • 14.when the franchisee receives the item, he has to update the portal with the receive status
  • 15.In case of damaged item , Franchisee can return the item
  • 16.All the Payments are online payments through the Portal only except delivery charges
  • 17.Delivery charges should be given by Franchisee
  • 18.All the Payments will be credited to Coir Board account and monthly basis Coir Board will transfer the amount in to suppliers account

  • Note : supplier and Franchisee will receive SMS/Email alerts in each of these above steps suppliers should maintain their virtual show rooms by updating the Product details and quantity in stock as and when required . Franchisees can place order with those suppliers only ,who has enough required quantity in stock in the portal

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